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Director - Prof.Vandana Khade-Kendre

She is an Assistant Professor of English and she also works as an English Language Trainer. She teaches English Language as well as English Literature. She has ten years of teaching experience in the same field. She has worked for a year at Junior College (SSMV College, Bosari, and Pune) and a year at Senior College (Shri M.D Shah Mahila College, Malad, Mumbai). She ran her Academic Institute in Pune for seven years. Under this institute she conducted different Academic courses. She has done M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. in English . Right now she is working on her Ph.D thesis. Teaching English is her dominant passion. She is extremely passionate about her subject and has profound love and affection for her students. She writes books related to English language, English and Marathi Short Stories, Poems, Film scripts and Articles. Soon she is going to publish her book on English Speaking and Phonics.

our journey

Vandana's Impact English Academy has well-qualified professional trainers with English background. It believes that communication is an art, which makes trainee a great speaker. Vandana's Impact English Academy has been established to teach different skills, which helps the students to excel in career.
Vandana's Impact English Academy plays a leading role in the process of conducting flawless English Teaching and Learning. It is a well-known centre for English learning in the heart of Mumbai city. It is dedicated and committed to result as well as training. The courses have been designed to develop skills related to - personal, social and interpersonal requirements of the learner. The Academy adheres to the curriculum which is designed by the Director: Prof. Vandana Khade-Kendre. The institute works on revising, revamping and restructuring of the syllabus every year. The Academy follows a well-designed and well- planned curriculum for effective teaching and learning process. It gives individual personal counselling to students in order to remove the phobia about English and inspire them to speak in English.